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Here are the last posts published on my professional blog. Click on the title to read. These are exernal links to my .com domain.

Implementing a user workflow with Symfony and EasyAdmin3
End-to-end testing with Symfony and Panther
Securing an API with JWT and API-Platform
Replacing manual API endpoints by API Platform in a Symfony application
2020-12-03 🐝
News is my PHP/Symfony blog I wrote from scratch in late 2018. I have published 23 posts and 138 snippets. It is powered by Symfony 5 and Vue.js. The difference with other technical blogs is that all posts are dynamic and run real PHP/Symfony or even JavaScript/Vue.js code. Every content is up to date as everything is unit and functionally tested. All the displayed snippets come from the source code used by the website. That makes a huge difference as you are sure you won't read something outdated. My annual goal is to publish about ten posts and fifty snippets. I have developed customized tools for this project to maximize my productivity. One of them is a post and a snippet generator. » Read more