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Here are the last posts published on my professional blog. Click on the title to read. These are exernal links to my .com domain.

Replacing manual API endpoints with API Platform 3 in a Symfony application
Validating your data fixtures with the Alice Symfony bundle
Using PHP 8.1 enumerations in a Symfony project
Upgrading PHP with the ondrej/php repository on an Ubuntu server
2022-07-25 🐝
News is my PHP/Symfony blog I wrote from scratch in late 2018. I have published 32 posts and 213 snippets. It is powered by Symfony 5 and Vue.js. The difference with other technical blogs is that all posts are dynamic and run real PHP/Symfony or even JavaScript/Vue.js code. Every content is up to date as everything is unit and functionally tested. All the displayed snippets come from the source code used by the website. That makes a huge difference as you are sure you won't read something outdated. My annual goal is to publish about ten posts and fifty snippets a year. I have developed customized tools for this project to maximize my productivity. One of them is a post and snippet generator. » Read more